CITY FELLOWS APPLICATION 2014-2015 - Application deadline is Friday 11 July.


Please tell us what type of roles within Goldman Sachs you think you would be best suited for and why. Be sure to explain how your educational background, professional qualifications and work experience to date have given you the skill sets necessary for these roles. This statement should be approximately 500 words.


We would like to understand the influences , events and people that have shaped you and your values. In other words, explain to us how you have grown into the young financial service professional you are today. Tell us your story your way. Next, please explain how your participation in the City Fellowship program will enable you to achieve your career goals and why you are an outstanding candidate for the Fellowship. This statement should be approximately 1,200 words.


We will need 2 letters of recommendation from people who know you and your work. These 2 letters should be submitted in the PDF with the rest of your dossier. Your manager, your mentor, a Professor who taught you in College, or a client who thinks highly of your work would make excellent recommenders. If you are chosen for interview, you will need to give us a third letter of recommendation which must be from a financial service professional.

If foreign born, please provide proof of US citizenship or Permanent Residency.


Your application dossier will be complete when you submit:

  1. Your 2 letters of recommendation.
  2. Your Professional Statement
  3. Your Personal Statement
  4. Your resume
  5. Your Academic Transcript (an unofficial transcript is fine)
  6. Please submit all of your application documents as one dossier in a PDF to Dr. Raymond at

If you have any questions regarding the City Fellowship program or your application, please call Dr. Raymond at 845-705-4679 or e-mail him at