Left to right : Dr. Raymond with William Thompson, Class of 2012, His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew The Duke of York KCVO greets Isaac Colon, Class of 2007 at the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the City Fellows at St James' Palace London, October 2010, Dr. Raymond with Brittany Williams, Class of 2012.
"The 3.5 years I spent as part of the Goldman and the City Fellowship family has provided me with immeasurable experiences. The opportunity has launched my international journey and will continue to impact the rest of my career in China."
- Milka Santana

Davian Bryant

The City Fellows opportunity sparked my desire to pursue a career overseas. Participating in City Fellows allowed me to gain valuable international work experience, develop lifelong friendships with other fellows and put the world into a global context. It is my belief that many young American have a very USA-centric view of the world. Living and working in a truly global city such as London will expose potential fellows to the wealth of opportunities and experiences that exist beyond America's shores.

My time as a participant in City Fellows allowed me to make the transition to Wharton, a truly international business school in its own right. After travel experiences to Brazil, South Africa, Thailand and full circle to London, I now look to continue my career overseas as a consultant with Bain in the Johannesburg office. Being a City Fellow has dramatically altered my view of the world and has expanded the range of possibilities for my career. I highly recommend the program to anyone looking for a truly enlightening and fulfilling experience working abroad.

Milka Santana

I was accepted into the City Fellowship Program in 2008, working in Goldman Sach's EMEA Planning and Analysis team. Having previously worked in other Investment Banks, I was pleasantly surprised with Goldman's culture. I often experienced the level of commitment the firm has on diversity, rewarding hard work and investing in its employees. Even as a junior employee, I was often encouraged to learn about topics outside my immediate role and take leadership on projects of interest.

After 2 years working in London, I told my managers about my strong interest in Asian Markets and about my desire to move to China. It didn't take long for them to make the necessary calls. A few months after that conversation, I was transferred to the Hong Kong offices to cover Asia. Their decision to relocate me was just another example of Goldman's commitment to provide opportunities and growth for its employees.

After a year working in Hong Kong, I made the very difficult decision to move to Mainland China to continue my Mandarin studies full-time at Xi'An Jiaotong University and prepare for an MBA. The 3.5 years I spent as part of the Goldman and the City Fellowship family has provided me with immeasurable experiences. The opportunity has launched my international journey and will continue to impact the rest of my career in China.

Michael Daniel

For me, my journey as a City Fellow has come full circle. This journey has taken me throughout Europe Africa, and parts of Asia, back to New York (with a front row seat as the 2008 Credit Crisis unfolded) to Hanover, NH where I graduates from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth in June 2012 and Charlotte, North Carolina. However, as much as I have greatly benefited from being a City Fellow, nothing has been critical to my success than the relationships I have developed through my involvement with the program. These relationships have been there for me at every important juncture in my life over the last eight years. Whether it was deciding when to exit GS for business school, or cycling through the multiple options at the end of my b-school summer internship, Dr. Raymond from City Fellows was always available with an open ear and unbiased advice. I can't explain how invaluable and important this was.

One of my proudest moments at Goldman was witnessing two young women I had the privilege of interviewing get promoted to Vice President in 2010. They continue to do great things.

While I have now started the the second phase of my career after graduating from Tuck , I know it could not have happened without the opportunity afforded to me by the City Fellowship.

Azucena Flores

Being a Goldman Sachs City Fellow was a tremendous experience both professionally and personally. While at Goldman Sachs I was challenged to always put my best foot forward - Goldman Sachs gave me the extra push to be assertive with lots of respect for others. I developed my technical skills, social skills, and made wonderful friends in the process. Being a City Fellow also gave the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone by moving to a different country and experience really being independent. The City Fellows Program opened doors for me that would have been closed otherwise - a positive transformation happened because of the City Fellows Program.